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Call for Abstracts

Applicants are invited to share their scientific results at the event as a poster, by first submitting an abstract with their application. In addition a small number of short talks will be selected from submitted abstracts. Posters will be displayed on poster boards in a dedicated area at the venue, and should not exceed A0 size 841 x 1189 mm (width x length). Short talks will be 10 mins long. 

Abstracts must be submitted via the online participant portal before the deadline of  June 1, 2019 (also for FEBS YTF awards as well as for University of Innsbruck DP AGE-REG grants and ITC grants for MitoEAGLE members applications, see Travel Grants).

Accepted abstracts will be searchable on the event website around the time of the event, and collated in an abstract book/pdf. 

Abstract submission guide

  1. Each applicant can submit only one abstract to the event.
  2. Please press the Login button on the top right of the website and fill in your e-mail address and password. If you are not yet a registered user the system will give you an option for registering. Please register and after logging in, select the 'Abstract' tab on the top menu of your participant account on the event website. 
  3. Abstract Track:  Invited speakers should select 'Invited Talk'. All other abstract submissions should be into the 'Poster' track. If you would like your abstract to be considered for presentation as a short talk, please answer 'Yes' to the question about oral presentation. 
  4. Title: Your abstract title should be short and informative, and must not exceed 200 characters. 
  5. Authors and Institutions: Please add authors by using the 'Add/Edit Author' button. The presenting author can be changed by clicking the ‘Edit Author’ button of the preferred author and by choosing ‘Yes’ for ‘Presenter’ field. The order of authors can also be changed by editing the ‘Numerical Order’ of an author. Author names will be automatically formatted in the following style:  A. Smith, B. Jones, etc. The author's workplace address must be added for every author listed – this can be done via the Add/Edit Author's Workplace(s) button.
  6. Abstract Body: Your abstract body can have a maximum of 2000 characters (with formatting and spaces). 
  7. Editing and submission: You can edit your abstract through the online system as you wish before your submission deadline, clicking 'Save' to keep your abstract as a draft. To submit your abstract to the event, simply click 'Submit' ahead of your deadline. However, please proofread your work carefully and ensure all details are correct ahead of submission. You can view your final text by clicking the ‘Preview’ button in the ‘Abstracts’ page.

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