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Programme features

The programme of the FEBS workshop AGE-REG is made up by the following elements:  


Five scientific sessions and a public panel discussion are the core piece of the programme:

  • Session 1: DNA Repair and Ageing
  • Session 2: Neuronal Ageing and Regeneration
  • Session 3: Senescence and Ageing
  • Session 4: Evolutionary Aspects of Ageing and Regeneration
  • Session 5: Metabolism, Tissue Homeostatis and Ageing
  • Public panel discussion (in German): "Altern und Regenerationsmedizin: Wohin geht die Reise?" ("Ageing and regenerative medicine: Quo vadis?") 

Speakers' Corner ("Meet the Expert" Sessions)

Especially junior scientitsts who will be the future leaders in ageing and regeneration research will have the opportunity to individually interact with world class scientists in the fields of ageing research, regenerative medicine and stem cell biology. 

Selected Short Talks

Each scientific session will be rounded up by short talks selected from the submitted abstracts. 


Two poster sessions will further stimulate scientific interaction and fruitful discussions. 

"Women in Science" Workshop

Female researchers will enjoy discussing gender isssues in this workshop.  

"Young Scientists' Career" Workshop 

This will be the exciting punch line of the AGE-REG Workshop. Together with scientists and experts in international relations and projects' acquisition, young scientists will explore options for grant applications, international mobility, entrepreneurship, mentoring, etc. 

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