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Application and selection

The total number of course participants including speakers is limited to 100, to facilitate interactionsThe target audience is postdoctoral fellows and PhD students but applications from senior scientists with experience in different areas of ageing research, regeneration research and regenerative medicine are also welcome.

Acceptance will be mostly on a first come first served basis, but CVs and submitted abstracts, representation of different topics at the event, career stage, geographical distribution and gender balance will also be taken into consideration. Please note that acceptance to the workshop will only be valid once the payment of the registration fee is confirmed by the organizers ('order confirmed e-mail’ message). 

How to apply

By the deadline of June 1, 2019 (also for FEBS YTF awards as well as for University of Innsbruck DP AGE-REG grants and ITC grants for MitoEAGLE members applications, see Travel Grants)

  1. Complete a registration order through the registration/abstract submission portal on this event website by entering your details on the registration form (first users, please press the Login button on the top right of the website, fill in your e-mail address and define a password. The system will then give you an option for registering) and choosing a payment method. You will receive an automated 'order received email' with full instructions of how to pay, and a copy of the order in PDF
  2. During this process, upload a single file (accepted formats are pdf, zip and rar) containing all supporting documents for your application:  
    1. for postdocs and PhD students, the name and address of your lab head/supervisor
    2. a concise CV (max 2 pages)
    3. for applicants for FEBS Youth Travel Fund awards, your Constituent Society membership proof, age id and proof of status
  3. Submit your abstract by June 1, 2019 (also for FEBS YTF awards as well as for University of Innsbruck DP AGE-REG grants and ITC grants for MitoEAGLE members applications) at the latest via the 'My abstract' tab in the registration/abstract portal. Abstract submission is optional but recommended for selection to the course and networking at the event, and is mandatory for application for travel grants. See the Abstract section of the website for more details.


An ‘order received e-mail’ message with full instructions on how to pay is automatically sent to your inbox when you complete an order. 

An 'order confirmed e-mail’ message will be sent to you when organizers receive the fund and confirm your registration payment. Please note that acceptance to the workshop will only be valid once the payment of the registration fee is confirmed by the organizers ('order confirmed e-mail’ message). 

Notification on abstract assessment will be made later, by June 15, 2019.

Registration fees

Registration fees include access to the event sessions, name badge, certificate of attendance, book of abstracts, meals and refreshment breaks and accommodation, as set out in the registration fee table. Please let us know the date and tentative time of arrival / departure as soon as you have made travel arrangements so that we can make the corresponding room reservations. A maximum of 4 nights (Sept. 8 - 12) can be covered by the registration fee, any additional night has to be paid by yourself. Travel costs and parking charges at the hotel are not covered. 

Meals/refreshments covered by the registration fees are breakfasts at the hotel, lunches and refreshements on Sept 10 and 11 at the venue, as well as the Reception in the evening of Sept 9 and Buffets in the evenings of Sept 10 & 11.  

Organizing Committee / Invited Speakers / FEBS Guest 0,00 €
Regular - no accommodation270,00 €
Regular - single room700,00 €
Young scientist - no accomodation200,00 €
Young scientist - shared room450,00 €
Young scientist - single room550,00 €

Terms and Conditions

By registering for the event, participants (also referred to as 'you') are entering an agreement with the Course Organizer(s), and you are indicating acceptance to the terms and conditions set out below.

Registration Fee

The registration fee for participants covers:

  • Access to all scientific programme sessions
  • Meals and refreshments as set out above
  • Accommodation, as set out on the Venue/Accommodation page
  • Name badge, printed materials and certificate of attendance

Travel costs and parking charges at the hotel are not covered by the registration fee.

Methods of Payment

Payments must be made either by bank transfer or via credit/debit card; details will be sent in your ‘order received email’.

Bank charges are the responsibility of the participant and must be paid at source. Your Name, Surname and Order ID must be indicated on the transaction receipt of the bank transfer. Following the payment, receipt of the transaction must be sent via email.

Proof of payment must be received before the stated deadline. If you do not receive an ‘order confirmed email’ within 5 business days after sending your proof of payment / receipt of transaction, please contact us by email

Registration cancellation & refund policy

All registration cancellation requests should be sent by email. For cancellation requests received on or before June 16, 2019, the full payment, less bank charges, will be refunded; for cancellation requests received on and after June 17, 2019, the full amount will be charged and no refunds will be made. No cash refunds will be made for the credit card payments in the case of cancellation.

Travel insurance

You should seek and follow the advice of your government before registering and booking travel for the event and before travelling to the event. You are solely responsible for making your own appropriate travel and other insurance arrangements before booking travel for the Congress.

Modification and cancellation of the event

The Course Organizers reserve the right to modify the event programme, which is published as an indication only.

In the event of cancellation of the event, at any time, as a result of any event of 'force majeure' or for other reasons that are beyond the control of the Course Organizers, the registration fee shall be refunded by the Course Organizers but neither the Course Organizers nor FEBS shall be held liable for any other costs or losses incurred, such as transportation costs, financial losses, etc. 

Disclaimer and ‘force majeure’

Neither the Course Organizers nor FEBS shall be responsible for any bodily injury/death or property damages (including theft) sustained by participants during the event, unless such damages are a direct result of the negligent or unlawful act or omission thereof.

In any event, neither the Course Organizers nor FEBS accept liability for damages in the event of bodily injury/death, property damage, disruption to travel plans and costs incurred as a result of ‘force majeure’.  ‘Force majeure’ (or ‘Act of God’) reasons include but are not limited to: war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, epidemics, health risks, fire and closure of airports or airspace. 

Governing law

Any legal dispute resulting from the accepted terms and conditions will be subject to Austrian law.


  • Applications Opening
    1 Feb 2019
  • Youth Travel Fund Grants
    1 June 2019
  • Applications closing
    1 June 2019
  • Closing times: 23:59 (UTC+01:00)

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